2023 Winter 4x4 Jamboree

Vendor Booths, Vendor Show, and Sponsor Packages

Thank you for participating as a Sponsor and/or Vendor for the Winter 4x4 Jamboree!  As you can see, we have many different ways for you to support our Event.  For instance, you may elect to become a Sponsor (Gold, Silver, or Bronze) which will entitle other benefits depending on your level of Sponsorship.  You may also choose to be a Vendor with a booth.  Platinum, Gold and Siver Sponsors have the option to sponsor any of our individual Trails while Bronze and Vendors can elect to sponsor trails with ratings of 1-3.   

Once you have decided on your level of participation, click HERE to start the Registration Process.  If you have any questions, you can EMAIL our Vendor/Sponsor coordinator.

Vendor Show and Vendor Bingo

Vendor display areas will be open to the public Friday and Saturday evenings. During the Friday Vendor Show attendees are given a “Bingo” card with black and white logos for each vendor. As the attendee visits each booth, the vendor will place their colored logo sticker over the matching black and white logo. When all logos on the card have colored stickers on them ("blacked out"), the attendee will drop the card into a bin. At 5 pm and 7 pm Friday, cards will be drawn for a minimum of 3 winners (more winners may be added if suitable merchandise is donated by vendors). This activity will help guarantee traffic to each Vendor booth.  Prizes will be high-end items.

Sponsor Packages

Only The Platinum Sponsors Package includes booth space. Gold, Silver and Bronze Sponsors may purchase vendor booth space. Gold and Silver Sponsors have the option to sponsor any of our Trails as well. Sponsor Packages will determine the amount of exposure on radio, event posters, entry kiosk, T-shirts and Event Website.

  • Platinum Sponsors: There will be Four Platinum Sponsors consisting of a Platinum Dealership, a Platinum Off-Road Shop, a Platinum Parts / Accessories Manufacturer and a Platinum Tire Manufacturer.  All  Platinum Sponsors will pay $4,500 with $1,500 in cash and the balance in merchandise or cash.  Platinum Sponsors will be featured on social sites and print advertisements. Platinum Sponsorship will include one Trail Sponsorship each day plus a 20x20 inside booth and outdoor truck/vehicle space.  Six comp registrations are included.  Additional Trails can be sponsored at $250 / Trail / Day.

  • Gold Sponsors: Gold sponsors will pay $1,800 with $900 in cash and the balance in cash or merchandise. They will have medium logos on the event poster, website and T-Shirts. They may display medium banners on entry kiosk and in raffle area. Four comp registrations are included. Gold Sponsors have the option to sponsor Trails at $250 / Trail / Day.

  • Silver Sponsors:Silver Sponsors will pay $1,300 with $650 in cash and the balance in cash or merchandise. They will have small logos on the event poster, website and T-shirts. They may display small banners on entry kiosk and in raffle area. Three comp registrations are included. Silver Sponsors have the option to sponsor Trails at $250 / Trail / Day.

  • Bronze Sponsors: Bronze Sponsors will pay $500 with $250 in cash and the balance in cash or merchandise. They will have small logos on event posters and websites. They may display small banners on the entry kiosk and in the raffle area. Two comp registrations are included.

Trail Sponsors

Trail Sponsors will pay $250 per trail per day. Their logo appears on the trail selection list below the trail they are sponsoring. Their logo, company name, and the date sponsored are printed on a sign to be placed at the trailhead. The sign will be placed on the trail the morning of the first day the trail is run and removed after the final trail of the event.  Trail leaders will announce who the sponsor is for their trails during the drivers meeting and lunch period. Trail sponsors are invited to pass out swag or prizes to their trail's participants. Trail Sponsors are encouraged to run up to three complimentary vehicles on the trails they sponsor to get recognition for their company. Click HERE to see a grid of currently sponsored and available trails.

Vendor Booths

All display areas will be divided into 10'x10' spaces (see layout below). The cost of each 10'x10' booth is $300 which must be paid in cash in order to reserve that space. For each space for which the vendor pays cash, they can rent additional 10'x10' spaces at $300, payable in either cash or merchandise. For example, if a vendor wants a 10'x20' booth, it would cost $300 for the initial 10'x10' plus $300 in cash or merchandise for the second 10'x10'. Booths are reserved on a first come/first served basis. $300 cash payment for the first 10'x10' space must be received to reserve a booth.


Click HERE to register as a Vendor or Sponsor for the Winter 4x4 Jamboree.


You will be able to register as a vendor using a Credit / Debit card or via a check. Discount Coupons, T-shirts, hats, mugs, brochures or other swag will not be credited as cash or merchandise. All merchandise must be new and will be valued at the vendor's retail price. Full payment (cash and merchandise) must be received by the Apparel Order deadline, unless prearranged with, and approved by, event organizers (Desert Roads And Trails Society.) Any sponsor payments or merchandise received after that date will not receive T-shirt or other logo displays.

And finally, a special note regarding the ongoing pandemic: We reserve the right to alter this schedule as necessary to conform with any local and/or state regulations regarding a response to the nation's health crisis. This could include cancellation of the event. Please monitor our website for the most current information.

Vendor Booth Layout