Risky Biz

This trail was developed by some of our Arizona friends and winds its way through a part of Sand Mountain that most people have not explored.  It is a combination of sandy washes, slickrock obstacles and a couple of technical challenges.  Be prepared for some vehicle damage if you don't pay attention to your spotter!


A new part of Sand Mountain nestled between John's Trail and Milt's Mile.  Many of your views will be straight up looking at the sky! 

Biz has tons of beautiful formations of rock that shard from beneath the brush and the sand. The sloping ledges that take you up the mountain provide traction as well as a variety of rock scenery and killer poser spots for photography. Due to the close proximity of the Sand Hollow Sate Park,  it is easy to capture a stunning view of the reservoir as well as the distant mountain landscape of Zion National Park in the background.


Mostly Rock; smooth, jagged, slanted and stepped, all proturding from patches of sand at the base.  Few patches of mild dirt road between sections.

Trail Details

Several sections climb off-camber sandstone ledges requiring precise tire placement and a good spotter due to the blind drop-offs on the passenger side you’ll be leaning away from. Arguably, the toughest obstacle of the trail is “The Sand Trap” a two-stepped, steep climb that will get you spinning in the sand if you aren’t lined up just right to get traction on the patches of rock ascending to safety. There are multiple wedge obstacles that will put you on your side if you’re not careful.  Body damage is possible, watch out for the “Can Opener” which can suck your drivers rear tire into a sharp ledge on the rock and rip a fender flare right off if you don’t take it wide enough.  One final climb up “Jacob’s Ladder” takes you to the summit of the trail, and is the last real challenge before you drop down and over to Water Tank Road.


Trail Rating


Trail Notes

Length: 2
Min Tire Size: 35+ inches
Winch: No
Front Locker: Yes
Rear Locker: Yes

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