The Ledges trail is new to Winter 4x4 Jamboree in 2021 and is located at the far south edge of the Hurricane Sand Dunes. You'll travel across the dunes that have made Sand Hollow so famous.  The Ledges is a challenging trail that ramps up in difficulty the further you go. The trail is packed with puckered moments from off-camber sections and steep drops. Careful tire placement and spotting are important throughout the entire journey. The trail delivers continuous challenges and incredible scenery.  ONLY experienced 4x4 drivers should attempt this trail.


The Ledges takes you far out past the sand dunes of Sand Mountain.  It is a very scenic drive through the sand dunes or across the top of West Rim and down to the edge of the dunes.  The Ledges meanders its way through a few challenging cliffs and washes, then follows the edge of Sand Mountain with big views of the Arizona Strip and Warner Valley below. 


Sand dunes to the entrance, then slickrock with ledges, cracks, steep walls, and off-camber shelf roads.  Return is via the sand dunes.

Trail Details

The trail consists of a series of rock climbs and descents that lead drivers to the first off camber ledge traverse. This can feel scary as the cliff is on the driver's side and all the driver can see is the sand bottom about 35 feet down to the bottom. From there, riders run along several fun obstacles on the south west rim of Sand Hollow. Near the end of the road or bluff, the riders will transition to the next bluff up in vertical elevation. From there it is a tough and fun ride back to the dunes hitting some very cool routes along the way.


Trail Rating


Trail Notes

Min Tire Size: 35+ inches
Winch: No
Front Locker: Yes
Rear Locker: Yes

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